Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By commissioning Dragonfire Costumes (herein known as DFC), you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed on this page.

1. Customers must be 18 years of age or older. A commission is a legal contract between DFC and the customer.

2. An initial, non-refundable deposit of 33% of the final commission price is required before DFC will start on a commission. This initial, non-refundable deposit is used to buy materials to make your suit. DFC is willing to do payment plans for commissioned work. Custom payment plans can be discussed.

3. In the event of cancellation, DFC will refund any money paid in excess of the deposit. If materials have been ordered and production has not yet begun, DFC will ship all purchased materials to the commissioner. If production has already begun, materials are forfeited to DFC.

4. DFC will not ship any products until paid in full.

5. Deadlines can be requested by a commissioner, but must be requested before deposit payment is made. DFC reserves the right to deny deadline requests. If the deadline requested is before the estimated queue wait time, a rush fee may be applied to the commission.

6. All commissioned work has a 3-month repair warranty. In the event that a commissioned piece develops a tear or other defect from normal wear, DFC will repair the piece at no cost. Shipping charges incurred are not the responsibility of DFC. Damage resulting from unapproved alterations or uses of the product are not covered under this warranty.